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Detection - Identification - Safeguarding - Controlling – Monitoring

Non-contact sensors (proximity switches, inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors) are used for precision sensing of dynamic motions. Klaschka "All Metal" Sensors and Pulse Sensors are specially designed for very high speeds and challenging applications with switching frequencies higher than 10 kHz.

In combination with measurement relays and controllers, non-contact identification (RFID) and tamper-proof safety switches with extremely large switching distances (safety and security) ensure reliable process steps in plant and machinery.

Klaschka offers a wide range of Double Blank Detectors for sheet detection and thickness measurement in the metal-forming industries. The universal BDK-Doublesheet-Detector-system is firmly established in the automotive industry. For applications that do not need this functionality, there are lower-cost systems of Double Sheet Detectors, Doublesheet Controllers and Sheet Thickness Sensors. These are used in many fields when handling and processing metal and metal-coated materials to avoid damage and downtime.