Rotational Speed and Frequency

Measuring converters and relays for pulse rate, rotational speed and frequency evaluate the signals of a pulse sensor for generating signals and switching commands (Rotational Speed Monitors). The shock-resistant fibreglass-reinforced plastic housing is fire-resistant and weather-proof.

The devices can be snapped on to a standard mounting rail or secured with screws to a mounting plate. For more information on pulse sensors and sensors with an extremely high frequency range go to chapter Sensors.

  • numerous parameter settings
  • sturdy versions

Monitoring of pulse and rotational speed - rotational speed monitor (ISN_).

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Monitoring of frequencies and rotational speed (FSN_).

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Converting frequencies into proportional anolog current or analog voltage (FWA_).

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Converting quickly pulse and rotational speed into proportional analog current or analog voltage (IWA1, IWAS).

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Catalog ALDIF

Evaluation Devices for Pulse Rate, Rotation Speed, Frequency and Standstill