Safety Technology

The reliable monitoring and shutting down of manufacturing processes when there are risks to people, material or machinery is essential for every plant operator. Klaschka safety switches are certified to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and comply with the requirements for control category 4 (EN ISO 13849-1) and are classified according to Performance Level (PL) for the highest safety requirements (SIL).

Important notes for applications from 2021-01-01

From mid-2021 a proposal by the EU Commission for a revised Machinery Directive is planned.This affects the production and delivery of SIDENT safety switches and TGY door handle systems from 2021-01-01.

The validity of the certificates ends on 2020-12-31.

From 2021-01-01, these products may not be used in NEW  safety-relevant  applications  within  the  applicable  guidelines. (Installations outside the scope of the Machinery Directive are not affected).

Klaschka is preparing availability from 2021 for EXISTING and already safety-compliant APPROVED applications for replacement and, if necessary, retrofitting.

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The non-contact SIDENT safety switches are, compared to mechanic or magnetic safety switches, to a high degree tamper-proof. >> go to Safety Switch SIDENT.

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