Special Sensors

Klaschka has been developing and manufacturing proximity switches for more than 50 years. Today the sensor product range comprises more than 1,000 different types with numerous special characteristics.

  • numerous industry-sector and customer-specific solutions
  • radiation tolerant products (Sensors and Interface cards) for Nuclear Industry



Detection of high rotation speeds with magnetic target(HAD_). >> Information Magnetic-field Sensors

Sensors for the seam detection on metal tubes (IND_). >> Information Seam Detection

Inductive valve position sensors (IVA_) transform the position of a valve tappet into analog signals. >> Information Valve Position Sensors

You will find a solution example in the category Safety Technology / Systems.

Sensors for pulse rate counting (HAD_). Hall Element Pulse Sensor (HAD_) with integrated rotation speed indicator. >> Information Pulse Rate Sensors

Sensors for thickness measurement of, for example, sheet metals you will find in the category Double Sheet Detection.